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I love Food...

And have done so since i was a child. Food for me is more than just about sustaining the body, it's about quality time with family and friends, gathered around the table, laughs, giggles, memories of my childhood and giving pleasure.

I was taught to cook by my family, especially my Grandma Gemma & Auntie Marilena.
They were and still are, absolute master chefs to me. Their recipes will be in our family for generations to come, and i hope i do them justice.

My Dad, Mum & Brother are amazing cooks too. Especially Dad who likes to experiment and definitely loves to feed us. Lil Bro is a master home pizza maker and loves a good dough. Prosciutto connoisseur and my biggest partner in food crime (and other wise).  

If i think about it, i am incredibly blessed with some unreal family talent.
Take one of my best friends Camilla, she just feeds me happiness when she cooks for me. So freaking talented. And what about Auntie Gianna: an absolute legend when it comes to fish. Uncle Armando, the ultimate grill master. My brother-and-sister from another mister (aka uncle Army), Giorgio and Eli- in turn experimental cook and both massive vino enthusiasts. My Uncle Bruno whose chicken roast is just legendary.
Auntie Lori that always supports me when i decide to introduce crazy foods from the cuisines i love. 

My friends Giulia & Sara who always take me out to try the best foods around when i am back home and put up with me wanting to go to as healthy places as possible. You.

Food was all around me when i was growing up and it's an even bigger deal now when i go home. It becomes a ritual of connection and sharing, the catch up, the hazy Spritz nights, that wine Dad just discovered in one of his travels: memories you can relieve through recipes. 

Since i moved away, food has become a career as well as one of my biggest passions. But for a long time, it was also comfort from pain and for many years an unhealthy coping mechanism. I not only couldn't control the sheer amount of food i consumed, but i wasn't equipped and knowledgable enough to make healthy food choices.

With time and with fitness nutrition playing a massive role in this, i have changed into a much savvier home cook, that still sometimes goes a little ott on portions (guilty) but makes much healthier, still delicious, massively enjoyable food that i love to share.

I met so many foodies over the years. This blog is a lot about them too. 
We share a ginormous passion for food, knowledge, creativity.

A specials thanks to all my friends for letting me experiment on you. You are still alive so all good there (lol) thanks for the love and support <3.  
You C. for encouraging me to write. 

Now, my relationship with food is on another level. I make healthy choices without even noticing and my body craves it. 
It helps me sustain workouts, feeds the soul and gets me all creative!

In Kiki Cooks, i am sharing recipes i love to make, healthy, naughty but always glorious, dishes that you can try yourself with your friends and family and start making memories around the table. 

Food is pleasure. It deserves to be enjoyed to its fullest and shared as often as possible with the ones you love.

Enjoy, let me know about your creations xo