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Liquid breakfast of champions!

Liquid breakfast of champions!

I just love a good shake! Why? I have struggled in the past to 'fancy' breakfast in the morning especially if training really early. 
If doing cardio i had, in the past, mostly done it fasted just with my absolutely-non-negotiable coffee shot as soon as i woke. 
But these days i find there is such an array of inspiration when it comes to shakes that fill you up and power up your workout.

As part of the new nutrition plan i am following, my trainer has given me oats, blueberries, honey or peanut butter as one of the options for breakfast.

As mentioned, i would have usually skipped breakfast early doors and just gone straight for a more savoury option at a later time. Whilst this still holds true sometimes, i do really enjoy having a 'power up' shake in the morning just about 30minutes before training.

I used the ingredients my trainer gave me, put them all together in a blender with water and less than 2 minutes later, delicious fruit smoothie to set me up not only for the early workout but for the rest of the day.

It's once again such an easy recipe and all you will need is:

- A blender
- 50g oats
- 100g frozen fruit of choice (i had fruit of the forest)
- 125ml water (or almond/soya milk)
- 10gr of honey
- 12gr Myprotein whey isolate powder

You can make all sort of shakes with fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, milks as you like but as i am following currently this plan it was great to have the option to have something easy, fast and that i can get on board with early in the morning.

We will definitely cover more of these recipes as we go, as it is a go to staple for me and totally love them. 

Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you have a shake you love?


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