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Banana Spelt Bread

Banana Spelt Bread

This is hands down one of my favourite dessert/breakfast/snack to make.
It's the perfect power up pre-workout, that sweet treat that hits the spot and so versatile
On top of that is super easy to make. How do i know that? Cos' i suck at desserts. 
But this one never fails to come out tasting amazing! And because i am not that good at sweet things, i intentionally keep the recipe simple.

Two ripe bananas
1 table spoon maple syrup (optional)
40g Whole Earth organic peanut butter
150g spelt flour
5g baking powder

You can add nuts to the mix such as walnuts, pistacchio, almonds. They all go incredibly well, or you can keep it simple and just spread Nutella and/or peanut butter on it, toast it with butter. Whatever takes your fancy. 

The ingredients in this recipes are some of my favourites and so healthy.
The recipe is also vegan & diary free.

Bananas are such a rich fruit with so many benefits for health and fitness, such as:
- great energy source pre & post workouts
- improve mood by regulating the blood sugar levels
- help with preventing cramps during workouts (i can vouch for this)
- reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells, all due to high levels of vitamin B-6. If you want to know more check out (wealth of knowledge on this site. One of my favourites). 

Spelt flour is made from this ancient grain, i covered some of its benefits on my Spelt Flour Pizza Garden Recipe and it proves its versatility once again in this one. Makes it super digestible, lots of protein & fibre! So many wins.

The Whole Earth peanut butter is made with organically-grown peanuts and no added sugar. The company has some excellent foodie values too. So it is a staple in my pantry. It has all the goodness and none of the added oil/sugars.
On this occasion, as it is blitzed in with the banana It helps bind but, if using crunchy variety, adds an extra nutty crunch to your bake.

Last but not least Maple Syrup. Just a table spoon to add a little extra sweetness.
Do not worry it won't make it super sweet. And it's also optional.

NOW FOR THE RECIPE (which is literally going to take 2 minute to mix and an excruciatingly long 30min at 150C to will be worth it).

Peel bananas. Place them into a food processor with the maple syrup and peanut butter. 
Blitz until smooth. In a bowl place your flour, add baking powder and then the banana puree. Mix well together until amalgamated and boom. It's ready to pour over a lightly oiled or buttered tin (i used the 1kcal spray) then bake in a pre-heated oven for around 30 minutes.

Coffee & cake anyone?

Gut Healing Broth

Gut Healing Broth

Liquid breakfast of champions!

Liquid breakfast of champions!