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5% Fat Beef Burger, Chilli avocado smash, Mushroom Bun, Sweet potatoes & watercress salad

5% Fat Beef Burger, Chilli avocado smash, Mushroom Bun, Sweet potatoes & watercress salad

Sun is shining!
Time to get creative with the burgers without compromising your shred plan!
You can have a burger and enjoy it with some delicious swaps. More to come as summer offers so many fun recipes favourites. No need to say no to a treat :-D

yields one burger

2 portobello mushroom
1 sweet potato (around 150gr)
1 clove of garlic
Parsley (small bunch)
150g 5% lean beef mince
50gr avocado
half a chilli
half lemon juice salt and pepper

First thing first, preheat the over to 150C. 
Then, boil or microwave the sweet potato. Cool under water, then peel off skin. Cut in half and place on baking tray line with greaseproof paper.

Peel garlic and add to a hand blender along side the parsley. Whizz up. In a bowl, mix parsley, garlic with 150gr of lean beef mince. Form a patty and add to the baking tray along side the potato. 

In another bowl place 50gr avocado; slice half a chilli and add to bowl. Dress the avocado with lemon & seasoning, then set aside. 

Lastly, season your portobello mushrooms and place on baking tray, with the other ingredient.
Lightly oil the potato, burger & mushroom, then bake in the over for around 25 minutes, turning the mushroom buns, until cooked through.

The burger can be left slightly pink if you wish. Personally i like to cook it through.

On a plate, dress water cress with olive oil and seasoning. Then start assembling your burger.
First portobello at the bottom, followed by avocado smash, then burger. Add a little ketchup if you wish. Close the burger with the second mushroom. 

Place potatoes on plate along side your burger & Enjoy :-D

Each burger comes in at 402kcal

Total Fat 9 g13 %

Saturated Fat 3 g16 %

Monounsaturated Fat 1 g

Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg0 %

Sodium 320 mg13 %

Potassium 1795 mg51 %

Total Carbohydrate 46 g 15 %

Dietary Fiber 9 g38 %

Sugars 11 g

Protein 41 g 81 %

Vitamin A 548 %

Vitamin C 195 %

Calcium 19 %

Iron 31 %

Calories & macros calculated using Myfitnesspal app. 

That Summer feeling Protein yoghurt iced-lolly

That Summer feeling Protein yoghurt iced-lolly

Jar of <3 : Greek Yogurt Protein trifle

Jar of <3 : Greek Yogurt Protein trifle