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Wild rabbit, sweet potato, spinach, roast cherry tomatoes

Wild rabbit, sweet potato, spinach, roast cherry tomatoes

I like to switch things up and, although rarely, to try and include more 'exotic' meats in to my diet which remind me of home.
Jesolo is a seaside town so fish and shellfish are our flagship ingredients, literally straight from the sea to plate on friday's fish market but we are also Veneto countryside, so i get best of both worlds when wild rabbit's season's come.

Here in the UK, although more wild meats are coming into play, the cost can be quite substantial, therefore this is more of a treat than i would be back in Italy.

Of the white meats i consume, chicken is the staple whilst wild rabbit is a welcome change. 
It's richer than chicken, but fares well in terms of macro nutrients and it reminds me of home so boom.


Wild rabbit meat 250g (enough for two)
Sweet potato 1 small per person
Spinach, wilted 100g per person
Cherry tomatoes, 100g per person
Broccoli (i had them prepped might as well - go big on green or go home lol)

You will need a tray to bake your rabbit with two garlic cloves crushed, sprig of rosemary. Splash of olive oil. Add the cherry tomatoes on the vine to cook too.
Pre-heat the oven at 150C- roast rabbit for around 25 minuted (medium heat).
Prep your vegetables (mine were all microwaved from fresh)

Once cooked through the meat should still result tender. 
Season well. Plate up and enjoy

There are many variations: You can make a rabbit stew with tomatoes & white wine. 
Or in bianco - that is white wine, stock and black olives, rosemary and the unmissable garlic.

You can serve rabbit with sides of polenta (which i love but can't eat at the moment =#shredproblems lol), roast potatoes & carrots, char-grilled vegetables with oregano. You name it!

You really want the flavours to come from the rabbit so a more delicate side order would be well suited to this.

Hope you try it out and let me know what you think


Chili, squash & sweet potato soup

Chili, squash & sweet potato soup

Bagelista Times: a good egg in the morning

Bagelista Times: a good egg in the morning