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The Autumn Edit: 5 Activewear key pieces for your autumn wods

The Autumn Edit: 5 Activewear key pieces for your autumn wods

No kidding i believe i have a closet full of activewear clothes (and i am not ashamed #activewearpower lol). It's my favourite closet... for real. 

From crop tops to vests to leggings and gloves, there's something for any activity you need to undertake and preferably do it in style too. 

COMFORT is key when training, that's my number one priority. But, since i spend so much time in activewear, i also want to look good, feel gorgeous and able to perform. 

It is no surprise then that i am always on the lookout for new brands and designs.
It doesn't have to be an activewear mega brand but it has to have a certain...something: a little bit of attitude, lot of comfort, colours that are unusual (black is still everything but colour here and there makes everything brighter, even that last burpee), a statement print, a je ne se quois.
Activewear does not need to be expensive at all: plenty of brands out there for all pockets. 

Here are my 5 key pieces for the upcoming season:

It is totally ok to workout in your comfys! A light jumper is great when it's not only cold outside but at the gym (i will never get to the bottom of the air conditioning system ever erm hello..cold!).

  • Top of the tree of sweatshirts for working out and day wear HeyHolla collection with gym & lifestyle slogans to boot £65 (may not want to wear around the gym too much lol but they are gorge and Fairwear certified too).
  • Primark the evergreen of easy, cost effective active wear has brought us a fine range over 2017. Their sweatshirts are comfy, multicoloured, really cost effective starting from £5 in various ranges. Worth the buy for a sweat session or a cosy warming wear.

LONG SLEEVESHIRTS because even though you are hardcore, it's really good to wear long sleeves when the temp is less than springy. As a base layer for a run, a thermo layer, or just for comfort and practicality, i do love wearing them in season. 

  • Again PRIMARK offers some good options and have just pulled out a long sleeve burgundy (so on trend) as well as a thermo long sleeve in light blue or burgundy. Both feel great on the skin, thumb holes to keep hand warm is a bonus and at respectively £7 & £8 they are a good investment. 
  • KIPSTA by Decathlon are an excellent breathable option at £12.99 in a range of colours from classic black to colour popping green and yellow & red- absolutely gorgeous shades (huge bold colours are so on trend right now)

  • Just cause the temps are not as warm it does not mean you have to cover yourself up in mountaineering gear (lol unless of course you are gonna be mountaineering)...Hence, the most amazing selection of floral & plant prints tops & leggings, huge colour blocking & bold colours to shine on a dull grey day. 
  • The up and coming brands challenging the status quo of activewear from the big names are popping up every where like 'shrooms and Thank Goodness!
  • Variety is the spice of life and i truly believe it's great to feel unique...
    ACTIVE IN STYLE literally has some of the most gorgeous activewear brands i have seen in a while. These are definitely quality brands, very unique and making waves. 
    Although out of range P.E NATION stands out amongst the rest for colour blocking, originality, colour matching & shapes of tops. Very well marketed and Insta stars, they exude style.
  • But so do all of the brands on the site: each very unique, home grown talents and international stars, cannot beat the understated sophistication of AVENUE C proof that quality & design doesn't have to be in your face but can be as simple as a gold band on black...yes those leggings are legendary (loved wearing them at Women's Health Photoshoot): simple statement piece that makes you feel unique. LOVE!
    L'URV & NIMBLE nail the print trends
  • Literally, cannot pick a fav from the store, browse and let me know which ones you prefer. Again, not the cheapest, but as activewear up and coming goes, this site has them all (for me at least)


  • YUP, important. You wouldn't believe how many there are, cute inexpensive way to make your trainers pop pop (from a style point of view) and most importantly protect our feet.
    As far as i am concerned, when it comes to the humble socks i prefer longer above ankle for autumn winter runs, shorter ankle biters for the gym. 
    Here it's pretty much up to you...brands wise...not bothered, i like both prints and simple classics like black, whites and greys. Really no point in style over substance on this, just warm, comfy and adherent so your trainer doesn't go flying off on that treadmill hill sprint (cause let's face it awks as hell ...may have happened...who knows lol).


  4. THE FITNESS ONE PIECE....(not sure i would wear it but it's a thang..)

Let me know what your 5 key pieces are, suggestions for cool findings always welcome. We #activewearaddicts need to stick together <3

Pictures taken fro each brands website. Appearing in order of mention.
HeyHolla, Kipsta, AvenueC, P.E Nation, L'Urv (2), Nimble (2)



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