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Looking for treasures

Looking for treasures

Sundays are walks in the park, coffees with friends at our favourite hangouts as well as for unplanned market adventures. 

Today was just a glorious day for finding little foodie treasures around Sharrowvale Road's vibrant street food market. I didn't even know it was on lol.

Loaded up on black americanos, spurred by the blue skies and tepid springs sun, i ventured on this bustling little market streets,  which happens every few months and  includes many stalls from local business as well as entertainment and live music. Lucky day.

The weather was just spot on for strolling the streets, inebriated by the smells of (too many to mention) delicious street food stores showcasing their goodies. 

See, it's days like today, that for a foodie like me everything comes together just perfectly and magic in the kitchen later happens. You can't be but excited by the radiant atmosphere of the markets, the banter, the floods of people, the unbelievable produce you find and most of all that wonderful community spirit.

I was like a kid in a candy store for sure. Like a bee fluttering her wings from flower to flower, looking for a bounty of goodies for my Sunday lunch. 

Resisted the temptation to get the stone baked pizzas, colourful cupcakes, some unreal home-made Victorian Sponge cakes and pretty much every street food store on the 500 meter stretch. 
But could not resist the call of the organic food stalls that were brimming with fresh vegetables and crusty just-out-the-oven loaves. 

It's British Asparagus season, and as it is fleeting i could not resist a bunch. Rainbow chard looked too good to pass by, and that was also true for some Roma mini cherry tomatoes and 6 Blue Cheshire organic eggs.

Smug with my purchases, i had literally hopped and skipped almost all the way back to my car, when my eye caught sight and scent of bread, aka #lust.
The stall was lathered with white bloomers, seeded rye, rosemary sourdoughs, pumpkin seeds cobs. WOW!  Bagged myself a quarter of stone baked sourdough and left once again happy as Larry.

It was such a relaxing, fulfilling experience, immersed in sunshine, laughter and homely smells filling the streets. 

One cannot be but inspired. And i cannot wait for the next one to see what amazing foodie gold i can get my hands on.

Check out my recipe page to see what i did with the Roma & Sourdough.

Hit Snooze: 5 reasons why a good night sleep works wonders

Hit Snooze: 5 reasons why a good night sleep works wonders

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself