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OWN IT! Celebrate all of your victories

OWN IT! Celebrate all of your victories

What’s in a picture.

An image is more than a snap of a moment in time. It is in my opinion true that a picture can indeed tell a thousand words.

A tale of a workout by all means, but also the story of a small personal victory.

See, TODAY was the day I literally let it all hang out.
Today I exposed myself to the class and trained in crop top and shorts.
What’s so special about that, you may wonder- well it was  a FIRST for me!

You may have read 1460 days later (#throwback). Confidence has been and sometimes still is an issue. I advocate body confidence and advise you to be it, but yours truly still struggles with it. And when it comes to insecurities, the middle riff is definitely a trigger for me.

Of course I have worn bikinis on holiday before and I am not particularly shy.
But I can tell you for a fact, I have never felt fully confident. I would hide my tummy with crossed arms, stand and suck it in till I couldn’t breathe, choose more flattering angles.
E X H A U S T I N G!

But something wonderful happened today, with a little help from the squad of course (aka The Legend Debs, Pocket Rocket Ambler & The Asmarina Star aka Sara). It was hot, it was sticky,
I was hot and bothered. The girls suggested to workout in crop tops and I figured, no time like the present, and joined in!  I took my vest off. FIRST TIME EVER.

At first, sheer panic…and then magic! I felt free to move, aerodynamic even.

Light as a feather and experienced a massive adrenaline kick.  It was AWESOME.

When you stand there, in the middle of class, in bare minimum clothing, there is no escaping, no hiding behind the treadmill or dumbbell.

You have to face your fear of judgement head on.

I have worked so hard to get to where I am today. That is an achievement in itself.
So why taint it with self doubt! Love your self(ie) [lol], just the way you are!

Have I got a 0% body fat defined tummy? Nope.
Do I like the way look naked (or almost)? Yeah actually I do!

I love my curvy figure, my larger hips and smaller bust.
I like my pear shape, if that’s what it is.

Am I always 100% happy with the way I look and feel? Noooo. Who is.
Sometime you feel like a greek goddess floating on the waves and sometimes you feel podgy but cute panda that playfully rolls around and can’t get up. That’s life.

Do I like me, faults and all? Yeah I do, in fact, I like myself an awful lot more than I have ever done in my life.

And that’s because, I am now able to recognise the journey so far and look forward to the one ahead. Yesterday I got more clarity. In one word:  TIME.

Will I get to achieve my goals? – of course I will in time.
Because fitness, weight loss, toning, nutrition comes with time, trial and error. It's no quick fix, it's a journey for life.

I OWN my body. I own my attitude. All of the less flattering bits, the bodacious curves, the bun-up hair (which means ‘it’s on'), the definition that is coming after each workout on that mid riff i was so afraid of showing, the smile on my face when, exhausted, I finished that workout and thought to my self ‘What was I so afraid of’.

I OWN IT ALL. And so should you. Even with fear or hesitation.

Own your emotions; Your fails and most of all YOUR VICTORIES.

You see, I thought ‘others’ would be harsh judges, but I was wrong.
I was the one judging myself and putting my self down.

If you are like me. STOP. Just stop.
Take yourself in the corner and have a quiet word with yourself. Lol

Having the extra freedom to know that I can workout at my most ‘exposed’ and ‘vulnerable’ makes me feel empowered & liberated from the prison of my own build and constraints.

Will I do it again?
YUP! And I will be fabulous and OWN IT.

So let’s raise our protein shakes and celebrate the victories.

They do amount to big change.

Progress above perfection, after all x

Ps....The lights at the club house are insane - my infamous mid riff is not always so defined.. low water retention day.Light, camera, angle lol ;p

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