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Did i tell you i am a caterer by trade? I work for a restaurant, i'll have you know lol, and one of my jobs is to co-ordinate events.

So it happens this weekend, we are part of a local food festival. It's a big deal for us as a team and we always put 100% in creating the right atmosphere (ps. this is not a sales pitch lol).
As a consequence though, i get a little stressed (ok ok a lot) because i like to do something a certain way.

Anyway, i may be tasked with all sorts to make the event happen and some things are most definitely out of my comfort zone: i.e. Kiki not awesome at doing DIY, more specifically home repairs, builds, joinery...nope not my forte.

In order to make an event happen there are a million tasks that go in to it, one of which is putting up menu boards...on to structures...and that, my friends, falls in to DIY and me, not so keen on that lol.

No staple gun in sight *sighs*. I know nothing about staple guns, apart from the fact that they exist lol. Turns out not a massive delegator and not great at asking for help either. 
I asked my favourite for advise though. If i am comfortable around someone, it's not hard to ask for help to someone who knows what to do and you learn a lil something.

Dreading the task though - i was in just in one of those 'Black cloud following me around kinda mood' (aren't they the best 😭).

But i am resourceful! That I am, plus Screwfix is just down the road 💪🏻 
On me tod, went to the store packed full of tradesman busy with their daily pick ups.
Me? Stood out like a sore thumb (excuse the pun).... Being slightly anxious by nature, caught on a particular stressful day,  i was freaking out about which staple gun to pick to get the job done and worried i was standing out as incapable (AND NO, NOT BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY WOMAN IN THERE, IT'S 2017, GET A GRIP).

I browsed the catalogue, trying to figure out which staples would go with each gun.
Classic Chiara. Overthinking. Even a staple gun. In my mind, i made the job a millions times harder and auto-aggravated my discomfort at being somewhere new.

How odd, as i had been before and I can put nails on walls, not that useless (#debatable).
But for some reasons, this time not feeling the strong independent woman vibe at all.

Nevertheless, picked one, left the shop....without the freaking nails, didn't i. More decisions, i did not want to make. Right at that time anyway.

Sat back in the car with every intention to leave. Hoodie up, curled lip, frowning.
Had a quiet word with myself (lol), rationalised it, went back in bought the damn staples [all of them as it turns out, lol, i couldn't quite pick the right size for the job so variety pack SPICE OF LIFE LOL).

This time, i felt more confident. I checked the model, picked the right staples, had a laugh with the guys at the counter. Got myself a free coffee and felt right at home! Few pencils too, you know, for all the notes lol. 

Now you may think ....Chiara why is this relevant to any health or fitness stuff??


  • I did something totally out of my comfort zone. CELEBRATE A SMALL VICTORY. 
    Once i got over my own fears, there was nothing to be scared about. Got the job done and felt majorly accomplished. 

Take this example on to the gym floor...ever dreaded going to a new gym and being the newbie?
Thought so. But you did it, didn't you and now you are comfortable with your surroundings and dare i stretch to say, you made a few friends along the way. 😆 
And if you are not yet? Time will give you more confidence to make the leap.

  • Yes- i bought a staple gun, hardly brain surgery you may think....but if you are a good tradesman, and you are good at your job, you want the best tool for the job and take pride in picking the right one.

I want to be a very good Personal Trainer when i qualify. To be good at it, i'll need experience in uncomfortable situations (Uhm, hello first group class 😱) to be able to deliver a great class for my clients and help them achieve their goals.
I will be out of my comfort zone a lot. Something new is always scary. 
But with knowledge and experience, i will be able to deliver on my promises and do a great job!
(That's the plan).

  • And if you don't know the answer? ASK. There is no shame in asking for help and advise. You can only gain more knowledge that you can pass on.
  • Turn the frown upside's not instantaneous but if you focus on the positive of a situation rather than all that is scary and frightening to you, the task becomes easier and your mood will be lifted.
  • Sometimes the picture of how something should be or a situation should pan out is totally different than what it is. You can choose to make it a huge deal or unpick it little by little to make it more manageable. (Still learning).

So you see, it may only be a staple gun to some but it reminded me that:

  • need to stop limiting my self belief
  • trust in my capabilities to achieve anything i set out my mind to
  • leave fear at the door and just go with the flow a little more
  • ask, what's the worst that can happen? I may gain more knowledge


Positivity and self confidence goes a long way to sorting any perceived obstacles.
And that comes with a little time and change in perspective.

Who would have thought a similarly small task like this would hold such profound effect... 

And if you are wondering if i put the boards up...not yet.. waiting for the bar to be build 😂
[Trust me i would definitely not be any good at building structures....cue, curtain pole-gate 2015].

But i tell you want i can't wait to try my staple gun out 💪🏻

Coffee: friend or foe? We ask Cardio Surgeon Giampaolo Zoffoli MD

Coffee: friend or foe? We ask Cardio Surgeon Giampaolo Zoffoli MD