So it begins...

My name is Chiara, Kiki to my friends. I am 38 years old and originally from Italy but UK adopted if you will. I moved to Sheffield when i was just out of college.
Everybody always asks me WHY still twenty years on!
If you are wondering, it is because i fell in love with British music and lifestyle.
I was going through some major personal changes, rebelling and felt i didn't belong back home. 
I was looking for myself. I didn't know what i was capable of, what i wanted to do, who i wanted to be, but most of all i didn't want to just go through the motions and follow what everyone else expected me to be and do.
I found a new home in the UK and most of all i started to find MYSELF.
It hasn't been easy and the journey is still on-going but suddenly it's starting to make a hell of a lot more sense.

Fitness came much, much later... almost twenty years in the making. 

I was grossly overweight, dangerously even, 'couch potato' is an understatement, lying to myself about being all good when i was miserable about it. I was bullied since i can remember and rather than doing something about it, i blamed myself for it because i associated my self worth to people's opinions of the way i looked. The road to self confidence and worth is a tricky one, it takes like everything else, a lot of nurture and time. And it is entirely personal. Your own journey.

It took me a hell of a lot of hard work, tears, sweat and it is to date my biggest achievement and on-going journey but 4 years of grind, i am at my fittest, healthiest me and i am not done. I am doing this for life, because i love it.

This blog is born from a desire to share my passions and help people along the way that maybe are considering changing their lifestyle and are looking for inspo, be it food, fitness or just a like minded soul, someone to relate to.
The KikiCProject is a journal, a recipe collection, a quote library, active wear inspo, exercise ideas, playlists that motivate me. It's a window and a accountability platform.

I have always enjoyed writing and journal almost daily. I wanted to bring everything together, to leave a mark and build a legacy, so this blog is the extension of that desire.

I am a self confessed coffee addict, massive foodie, music lover and fitness fanatic: love lifting, HIIT, running outdoors (albeit a fair weather runner lol), circuits, BJJ all sorts. I try to do as much as possible that inspires me and challenges me. 

All this goes hand in hand with my self development and growth. My philosophy is to better myself, get fitter, happier, stronger, more focused and share all that I truly LOVE.
There is no better feeling than waking up with a purpose.

My motto is progress above perfection: to Shift the focus from striving for perfection to achieving something positive everyday. You can get so much more happiness in celebrating everyday's little victories which in return amount to massive changes in your overall fitness, health and attitude towards every aspect of your life.

I hope you enjoy the posts, drop me a line and get connected.