There's Freedom in Running

Running is the ultimate freedom of movement exercise. It went from my most hated discipline to a steady companion in my fitness journey. Here’s a snippet of my running journey so far, a few helpful tips if you want to start. Get in touch if i can help with anything :)

Benefits of weight training

There are a million reasons why i love to lift weights. What will yours be?
I’d like to share the health and personal reasons i think you should give it a go and change the way you go to the gym.
You never know just how much it may impact on your journey … xo

MOTIVATION: way beyond the hashtag

✨MOTIVATION MONDAY – WAY BEYOND THE HASHTAG✨ -‘a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way’. I am a great believer that we only act upon those goals we ‘really’ want to achieve.
#GetYourMindOnBoard to kick start your #motivation