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Stress and guilt FREE Holiday guide! Its your time ENJOY

Stress and guilt FREE Holiday guide! Its your time ENJOY

You are off on your holiday!

If you are on a fitness journey you may be worried you are gonna fall prey to ‘falling off the wagon’ malarkey. Let me stop you right there lol



This is your free time to enjoy, make tons of memories, relax and go on adventures.


E N J O Y  Y O U R   H O L I D A Y 

By this point you will have already made new habits both in terms of food choices, exercise routines and lifestyle tweaks so there is no real reason to worry you are going to keep your new habits 80/20!  You are in a new place, lots of foods and places to discover and some treats to be tasted too. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself cos you are on a fitness journey!



Drink plenty of water stick to your usual amounts and make sure you are some with you especially in hot weather.

Partial to a Diet Coke or zero? Have it, just as in anything quantity consumed is the only thing that really matters

Juices, even relatively ‘innocent’ ones, contain more calories than you think so either dilute a splash in your water or save the calories for the GnT by the pool


Alcohol is totally your choice! Glass of vino won’t destroy your progress. 

It’s what we intake over an extended period of time that has to be monitored and checked to make sure it doesn’t stall overall progress.



Ice cream, pasta, pizza, local specialities whatever and wherever you are, there are plenty of food choices to make!

Personally, I’m a massive fan of trying local specialities! Why the hell not?!

After all you made the trip why not savour it till the end.


It is up to you if you want to track your calories while away.

Calories do matter even on our hollybobs but if you are just wanting to keep an eye on things OVERCAST your meals. Guesstimate higher than you think.

You can also make a choice to just enjoy your foods without feeling slave to the numbers. 


Whichever your choice 🏖 DO NOT FEEL GUILTY🏖! 

Food is there to be enjoyed! 

I truly believe we all need o learn to attach positive language to our food choices so to re-learn how to have a more positive relationship with food and ourselves, most importantly. 


Detach feelings of guilt from food choices, be aware of your choices by all means but also remember food is there to sustain and nourish, moderation is key but if you really go all out one day or more, just start again the day after fresh and focused. 

N O   H O L I D A Y   G U I L T


Here’s a few foodie tips :


Food shopping 🛒 

locate a nearby supermarket or grocery store. If you are staying at a flat or even hotel for several days, don't rely exclusively on restaurants for every meal. 

It can be costly, and there some things you can't always control. 

Instead, check out what’s on offer at the local shops and grab some quick-and-easy foods to have a snack on hand. If you have a refrigerator or mini fridge, get some of your favorite nutritious foods that pack well and are easy to grab on the go.



Fresh fruit 🍉 

Nuts 🥜 

Corn / rice cakes 

Protein bars 

Popcorn 🍿 (read the label, plenty of low salt/sugar versions and low cal too)

Yogurt if there somewhere to store them


Do not deprive yourself of enjoyable foods, just practice sensibility and some control toward your nutrition. Really choose which dishes you want to have.  

Say you are out for dinner in the evening, make clever swaps during the day and enjoy the dishes you wanted to try at the restaurant . Try not to skip meals though, so to avoid  the urge to binge on anything available.  



Should you train while away? 


Hey! Keeping active will make you feel energised for sure, but you don’t have to commit to hours in the gym or outdoors if you don’t feel like to. 


I find that training on holiday is just become part  of my routine : it makes me feel good, plus I have free time, which is a luxury, but at the same time if I’m back in Italy, I wanna spend as much time with my family and friends as possible. 


So workouts are quick, sweet and sharp and I can do them wherever I want.



Doesn’t mean I workout every day, nor that a ridiculous amount of time has to be spent sweating when we’d rather be doing anything else.


So here’s a few tips to get you staying active while away:


Walk everywhere - the scenery, the excitement of a new place, warm weather! You can’t beat a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountain it’s free, you can do it at anytime and see where your walk takes you. It won’t even feel like a workout and you can get your family and friends involved too.


Workout first thing in the morning or just as the  sun is setting, whenever possible. 


If you are going for a run or just doing a quick body weight circuit HIIT blast, early does it. Usually the temperature is milder than in peak hours, which in return makes working out in summer heat a little easier and safer.


SUNSCREEN is a must no matter what time you train

SHADE also pretty important if you are new to working out in heat 

WATER stay hydrated


Remember OUTSIDE IS FREE : beach, mountain, valley, garden take your pick, the fresh will leave you sooo energised


Once it’s done it’s done and you can carry on with your day #winwin


If your hotel has a gym, or if you are looking at a gym while away, you will find that most have limited opening hours in comparison to the UK and may not even open till 8-9am and close relatively early. Equipment can be hit and miss too, but you can still put together a decent fast routine using what’s available.


Useful Equipment to bring with you?

Small, don’t occupy room or add weight to your luggage and can make a workout happen anywhere:


^Resistance bands (add resistance to body weight or dumbbells)

^Skipping rope (pretty useful to add to a circuit to get heart racing)


Use the pool or the sea

Swim 🏊‍♂️, paddle, acquagym why not stay cool and do a few laps to keep on moving? 

I am definitely not a pro swimmer, but absolutely love being in the 💦water 

Think leg raises holding on by the edge of the pool, kick backs, even squat jumps


Go on an active adventures

Hike to the top of the mountain, paddle boarding, water skiing experience, surf, 

Check out which activities are available at your location and be as adventurous  as you feel like 👌☀️

That way you keep active, make new experiences and tons of memories too 💁🏼


☀️🏖Happy holidaying 🏖☀️

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