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Why you didn't actually gain fat on your hols

Why you didn't actually gain fat on your hols

First thing you did after your holiday was weighing yourself wasn’t it?

We all do it, and usually the scales are not kind and we see a fluctuations of up to 4 kg on the scales and think to ourselves in despair we’ve blown our chances on our fitness journey as well as gained fat


Firstly, you did not gain 4kg of fat! You know weight fluctuates every day and your bloat could be:

- higher water retention
- minimal weight gain (a kg-2 is possible)
- For the ladies, you may be on your period
- A few cheeky beers here and there which you wouldn’t normally drink so many of
- you may have consumed a few extra calories and moved a little less

But honestly, in most cases, this would be a very temporary situation.
A week from now, your weight would have stabilised as soon as you get back to your routine



  1. A few days of over indulgence won't ruin any long-term healthy eating plan. The best thing to do is press re-start and get back in to your usual healthy eating routine. No crash diets. Just get back to eating well with a balance of all macronutrients and within your calories deficit.

  2. Whether you trained or not on your hollibobs, first session back is gonna suck BUT think of all the endorphins and how good you will feel after your workouts. Book a class at the beginning of the week or get a session booked in with your PT, go for a run in the sun or do a wod at home alone or with friends. You’ll soon get back to your training regimen.

  3. Stay hydrated with good ol’ WATER. Maybe keep the sodas as a treat once in a while, reduce alcohol consumption too.

  4. Get plenty of quality sleep! Go to bed early, leave your mobile away from your bed side table, grab a book or a mag you love and dig into it. Lights out sleepy time, 7-8 hrs quality sleep will do wonders. I have invested in an old school alarm so I leave my mobile downstairs and reduce temptation to scroll aimlessly, missing out on precious sleep

You are good and all set to get back right on track! Remember, you were on your holidays, you made memories, had a good time and that’s what matters. There is no guilt to be felt or regret going forward.

Just get back to the gym, eat well & full steam ahead towards your goals




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