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5 Steps you can take to improve your quality of life

5 Steps you can take to improve your quality of life

The British Nutrition foundation is offering five focus points
Stay Active
Keep Hydrated
Eat your five a day

in a bid to help the nation get healthier. Remember the focus here is to implement habits that can help you on your healthy living goals. This is not really about weight loss, but more of an effort on your part to change one thing that can help you get a better quality of life.
On their site there are lots of resources that can help you make an informed decision of what course best suits you Visit

One of their campaigns focuses on Breakfast.
Should you eat it?

Simply put: COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. We are encouraged to eat breakfast with slogans such as ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, but in actual fact, i prefer to put it down to preference.
Your caloric intake for the whole day would be the same, it is up to you wether to allocate part of that intake to a breakfast meal. Personally, it is one of my favourite meals!

Think instead of which type of breakfast can be most beneficial to you, what you enjoy and can help you on your goal

Could you swap your normal cereal for wholegrain variety lower in sugar and higher in fibre?
Could you have a proteic breakfast such as poached eggs, spinach and slice of whole-wheat toast?
Could you take your morning coffee without sugar?
Could you swap milk for a plant-based one?
Could you take your coffee/tea black?

6-8 hours recommended a night.
Lack of sleep can have you feeling groggy in the morning & sets your day up on the wrong foot.
”Regular lack of sleep can affect your health, making you more vulnerable to colds and infections and is linked to serious health conditions such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and may also lead to depression and anxiety. Sleep is also important for cognitive skills such as communicating well, memory and creative thinking”, Resource SLEEP WELL BNF

You could try these strategies:

Set a time you will go to bed every night, and stick to it by making it a sustainable bedtime routine which works for you
To avoid distractions, you could leave your phone in another room to charge
You could buy a digital alarm clock to avoid the temptation to keep playing with your phone in bed (guilty as charged lol)
Read a chapter of a book
Lights out
Listen to soothing music
In the morning, get up on the first alarm (i set two up, but am finding i regularly get up between the same times)

The body is about 60% water and this is needed for many different functions, such as regulating body temperature. We are constantly losing water through our skin when we sweat, our lungs when we breathe and when we go to the toilet, so it is important to drink plenty throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Mild dehydration can make it difficult to concentrate and cause headaches and tiredness. (resource BNF)

2 litres of water a day - 8 glasses of unsweetened drinks per day

Get a 500ml bottle of water time that by 4 bottles = 2lts a day
Bring it with you wherever you go
Set reminders on your phone
Get a big water bottle (1lt for instance) and write a target for every gulp

Top tip: you are getting enough water if your pee comes out clear
You can get some water from watery fruits & vegetables such as watermelon & cucumber.
Of course from tea & coffee but


Green leafy veg, high fibre, variety of fruits & vegetables you enjoy every day
We need these for all the vitamins and minerals needed for your health. 


Get active by committing to 30 minutes of exercise per day
Write it in your diary & make an appointment with yourself
Stay active throughout the day
Don’t use the car if the journey is at short distance
Get off a bus stop earlier walk the rest
Have a morning walk or an after meal walk
Get up from your chair every hour (if possible)
Take the stairs
Go to the gym 3-5 times a week
Try a new group gym class
Strength train
Go out for a run
Take up a new sport/ Revisit a sport you used to enjoy

Ultimately you have to find strategies for your new habits that can be sustainable to you.
No one’s journey is the same :D make it your own, gamefy it if need be.
Keep a chart, a diary a log. Whatever works for you, you will stick to in the long run.


- Keep yourself accountable by writing it down
- Put it in your phone as a reminder
- Get your family and friends involved for support

National Fitness Day : A celebration of physical Activity

National Fitness Day : A celebration of physical Activity

Sifting through the basics of Nutrition to get your started

Sifting through the basics of Nutrition to get your started