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National Fitness Day : A celebration of physical Activity

National Fitness Day : A celebration of physical Activity

When i got the e-mail that i had been selected to share my story for National Fitness Day, i was stunned!
Fitness to me has become a way of life now but it wasn’t always that way.
Although a sporty child, i had no clue about nutrition and why fitness beyond my favourite sport (volleyball) was important to my wellbeing. I just wanted to play volleyball, ski ad beyond that it just seemed pointless to run around, sweat. As soon as i stopped playing volleyball & my nutrition got looser and looser, i started piling on so much weight over the years i had soon ballooned up to obese.
I spent 15 years loathing myself but being too afraid to make a change. So it happens, i started having some serious palpitations, struggled to walk anywhere, combined with illness in my family & very personal reasons, i knew i needed to make a change.
It wasn’t easy. It didn’t come spontaneously to me. I started by walking after every meal, reducing portion sizes but i was petrified about going to a gym. Having being bullied in the past, i thought everyone would stare at me and laugh. The panic attack outside PureGym almost made me turn around and refuse to meet the PT i had chosen to help me. It was literally now or never, so i plucked up the courage, put my pin in, met Jamie for the first time.
Over the course of 3 years, he helped me find my strength, lose weight & i started falling in love with the process. I looked forward to our sessions & i signed up to literally all the classes i could.
I worked out hard, hated and loved every minute of it, but as the weight started coming off, i also started to achieve things i never thought were possible.
I signed myself up for a 5k run because i hate running but i wanted to prove to myself i could do it, then i started to fall in love with weightlifting, then HIIT. A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES!
My body was capable of so much more than i had ever given it credit to, i started to feel more confident in so many aspects of my life, and fitness is a necessity :D
i became a PT, who would have thought, just over a year and a half ago and now i get to help people achieve their fitness & wellbeing goals. A M A Z I N G!

Look, you don’t have to fall in love with every class, only a way of training or absolutely love the gym.
You can start with walking more, sign up to an activity you always wanted to try, start a sport, the possibilities are endless. Fitness has to be for your own REASON, YOUR GOAL.
Fitness has to fit in your lifestyle not the other way around, and it is truly unique to you.
Your journey like i always say :D

So to celebrate National Fitness Day, i am hosting a Heroes Workout @PureGymMillhouses on Wed 25th September from 7.15pm. It’s absolutely free & I cannot wait to share this experience with you

You need any help? Get in touch i will be happy to

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