Your Coach

Your Coach

Welcome to blog site!

See i had a breakthrough moment: I can let the fear of failure clip my wings or take a leap and fly. NOW is the time for action, to stop procrastinating & JUST thinking about what i love: it's time to start doing.

I have been paralysed by self doubt, always finding a million reasons why i shouldn't start writing, combining my passions and most of all sharing. 
This blog is born exactly for that purpose: to share my passions, journal my progress through fitness, create healthy & moorish recipes, talk about food, music, motivation and mindfulness. 

I will be frank. I will be me 100%. Through the highs and lows, the victories that amount to big changes, adventures, fun anything and everything i can put out there to motivate, inspire, confront.

I am a self confessed Coffee addict, avocado lover, foodie, gym bunny, music fiend, quotes/words porn and active wear fiend! Stubborn as hell, when i set my mind to something i am in it 100%.

I followed my dream and i am now LEVEL 3 PERSONAL TRAINER x

Let's Begin at the beginning! I hope you enjoy these words and make sure you connect. Drop me a line, comment, share if you find something you love. 

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